Protection from moisture and short circuit!
Unique protection of auto electrics from moisture!
Effective protection from corrosion!
Strong protection from humidity!


Innovation Technologies Ltd. produces the products under NANOPROTECH trademark - an innovative leader in the protection of metals, current conductive elements and electronic details from the damage caused by contact with moisture. All the products were developed by leading European laboratories on the basis of advanced nanotechnologies.

Innovation Technologies Ltd. is one of the first Russian companies that provides customers with a wide range of high-quality and unique products for domestic and industrial use. NANOPROTECH products have powerful moisture-protective, corrosion preventive, lubricating and penetrating properties. Covered with NANOPROTECH, any equipment, electric devices and mechanisms will work properly despite long-term use and climatic hazards.

The company is proactive in research, development and production of high-tech products as well as search for new opportunities for advanced technology implementation.



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